MKM 34mm Polymer Ultra Low Profile Scope Level (FDE) Standard Material

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Polymer Ultra Low Profile Scope Levels

Use our economical polymer ultra low profile scope levels to ensure your reticle isn’t canted when shooting long range.  Just a few degrees of cant will cause considerable shot dispersion at longer ranges! If the scope is canted by only 2½ degrees, the bullet will impact .05 mils for every 100 meters in the direction of the cant. This means with only a 2½ degree cant and shot of of 1000 meters would be an impact of .5 mils. A small change can make a big difference and our polymer rail mounted levels are an economic way to solve this issue.  Proudly printed from our Carbon Fiber Nylon Material, with a metal thread insert for bolting strength.  Sized to sit just over the side-focus knob on almost all optics, but not stick out too far and snag on objects.  Slim design installs quickly and without the need to remove your scope.

Available in

FDE Glass Fiber Nylon

Black Glass Fiber Nylon

NOTE: Photo of polymer rail level used below to display FDE colour. Not included with this product.

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